Can You Find a Dodge Charger Pursuit on Craigslist in NC?

There are thousands of car buyers looking for the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a “law enforcement vehicle” on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are not a ton of Dodge Charger Pursuit models floating around. In fact, most North Carolina car dealerships won’t even think about looking for one. Fortunately, Performance CDJR has a great inventory of law enforcement vehicles┬ámost of the time. If they do not have a used Dodge Charger Pursuit on their lot, they will work to find you one as they upfit hundreds of cop cars every single year.

If you are looking for Craigslist options, it is all about timing. Depending on the day in which you start your search, you may find there are a few local North Carolina Dodge Charger Pursuit models available or none at all. In 2017, we found the following ad:

Police-spec charger for sale. These cannot be purchased at local Dodge dealerships. This car has been meticulously maintained by the highway patrol and has a clean Carfax history. It has a 370 hp engine with like-new Good Year Eagle Ultra Grip tires. The body, paint and black interior are in excellent condition. Standard routine maintenance and repairs were performed. The car is ready to drive. The back door police locks (open from outside only) have been converted back to normal (open from outside and inside). The car comes with a jack and wheel chocks. This is a MUST-DRIVE car: when you do, you’ll get a sense of its power and reliability! The following upgrades cannot be found on regular Dodge chargers:

Upgraded Features:
* High Performance 14.5 inch Disc Brakes/Rotors with Police-Tuned ABS for Aggressive Stopping Power
* Upgraded Sports Tuned Suspension for Tighter Handling and Stability
* Larger Radiator Holding Tank
* 800-Amp Battery w/ 220 amp alternator
* Driver’s Side Police Spot Light
* All-Weather Flooring (Stain Resistant)
* Wider Bucket Seats
* Police-Specific Secure Park — Prevents idling vehicle from being driven without Key Fob present inside vehicle.
* New Camber Link Change to the Rear Suspension to further Enhance High-Speed and Aggressive Braking Performance
* Upgraded Dual Fuel Pumps
* Variable-Displacement Air Conditioner Compressor for Added Efficiency.
* HD Police Steel Wheels

Car comes with standard:
* Six speaker sound system and CD
* Electronic plug-ins for mobile devices
* 5-Speed AUTOMATIC with Column-Mounted AUTOSTICK
* Variable valve technology for better mileage
* Traction control system (can be turned on/off)

A normal 2013 Dodge Charger with the above mentioned condition/specs/mileage and NO police upgrade features goes for $13,100 on Kelly Blue Book and $13,300 on Nada. Asking price WITH police upgrades is $11,900. Serious buyers only.

This particular ad was for a seller in Fayetteville, North Carolina. When scouring most of the North Carolina Craigslist pages, we were not able to come up with many options when it comes to a used Dodge Charger Pursuit.

Below are the locations of Craigslist pages in and around North Carolina in which you may be able to find a used Dodge Charger Pursuit:

eastern nc
myrtle beach
outer banks
southern md
southern wv
southwest va
west virginia

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